Gerroa Environment Protection Society land clearing and biodiversity campaign 2019 State election

Members of our Society are alarmed at the threefold increase in land clearing in many parts of NSW and associated loss of wildlife and biodiversity resulting from the recently legislated land clearing laws.

A World Wildlife Fund Report estimates that 10 million animals die each year because of this clearing and loss of habitat.

We are also deeply concerned about the negative impacts of the recent NSW biodiversity legislation which has removed the obligation to ‘maintain or improve’ from developments that impact on biodiversity.  

Our members feel that we must work to repeal these retrograde Liberal/National Party laws and fight to protect our wildlife and their habitats.

Our campaign will involve holding stalls and information sessions and letter boxing our Land Clearing postcard throughout the Kiama electorate. 

If you are able to help or want to run a similar campaign in your electorate please contact Howard Jones

We believe that voting for The Greens or Labor Party in the NSW State election is our best chance to reverse these catastrophic Liberal Party Laws. The links above go to comments by the Greens’ Cate Faehrmann and to Penny Sharp’s comments as Labor’s shadow minister.

Click to view The Wilderness Society “Zero Forestation” Plan

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Warren Holder (GEPS president)

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Warren Holder

Howard H Jones