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GEPS Submission Growth Plan

GEPS Submission Growth Plan

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Council Amalgamation a threat to Kiama’s Biodiversity

The proposed forced amalgamation of Kiama and Shoalhaven Local Government Areas ignores the significant differences between the two areas topographically, geologically, agriculturally and biologically.

It also ignores the differences in the approach that the two Councils have taken to the protection of significant natural resources and how those differences are expressed in the Local Environment […]

GEPS will hold a protest at Saddleback Lookout at midday on Wednesday 25th February to highlight these threats to Kiama’s rainforest.

Illawarra’s natural treasures under threat from proposed changes to nature conservation laws

The Baird government is poised to scrap nature conservation laws that currently protect some of the Illawarra region’s most important natural areas, including Seven Mile Beach, Saddleback Mountain rainforests and the Illawarra Escarpment, according to the Gerroa Environmental Protection Society.

The government is considering its response to a report by the Independent Biodiversity Legislation Review […]

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Final GEPS Submission to Growth Plan

Click here for a copy of the draft GEPS submission to the Illawarra Growth and Infrastructure Plan.

What you can do. Make your concerns known.

What can you do?


Public Meeting about Growth Plan

Too Much to Lose – Public Meetings Press Release

The Gerroa Environmental Protection Society is calling public meetings to inform residents that they have too much to lose if the Draft Illawarra Growth and Infrastructure Plan is adopted in its present form.

This Draft Plan proposes 3,600 dwellings to accommodate a population increase of approximately 9000 for Kiama municipality. It sterilises some of […]